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The Religious Heritage of North and East Cornwall

ReligousHeritageCornwall           "The sense of the holy is reinforced by the geography of Cornwall"
Fr. David's latest book is a visual history of the rich religious heritage of North and East Cornwall, a description of what can be seen as one travels around this part of the county, from ancient quoits and standing stones , holy wells and Celtic crosses, to the modern Celtic cross at the Tamar Bridge between Cornwall and Plymouth.  With over 100 illustrations.
The Religious Heritage of North and East Cornwall  costs £5 (plus £2.00 postage and packing if applicable) and is available from all our churches or by contacting the Parish Office.               


A Short History of the Catholic Parish of St. Cuthbert Mayne

  For over 90 years the small scattered parish of St. Cuthbert Mayne at Launceston in rural
  north Cornwall has hosted a Diocesan Pilgrimage in honour of St. Cuthbert Mayne, the
  secondary patron of our Diocese, who was martyred for the Faith in November 1577.
  The parish was founded in 1886 by a former Anglican clergyman, and our interesting and
  unusual church building is now recognised as the National Shrine of St. Cuthbert Mayne.
  With the help of a scrapbook compiled 45 years ago by local historian Arthur Wills, Fr.
  David has written a short history of the parish with over 70 illustrations, some of which are
  more than 100 years old.
  The History costs £3, plus £1.10 postage and packing.

The Launceston Pilgrimage

    A short, lavishly illustrated History of the Launceston Pilgrimage. Begun in 1921, the
   pilgrimage drew thousands of Catholics to  honour and remember St. Cuthbert Mayne,
   priest and martyr, who was executed in Launceston on 30th November 1577.  


  The History costs £5, plus postage and packing.






If you would like to purchase either or both of these books, please contact the Parish Adminstrator

Telephone: 01566 773166


Donations for the upkeep of the Shrine are also welcome.








St. Cuthbert Mayne's Feast Day is 29th November

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